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Some 30 Masters and PhD students from NUS, NTU and the NUS/TU Delft Double Degree Program gathered in Singapore for an informal “Meet & Greet” with representatives from the Dutch water sector, kicking-off the 2nd edition of the Singapore-Netherlands Water Challenge.

The beautiful outdoor setting of the Aquatic Science Centre provided the perfect setting for students to meet and interact informally with the professionals, learn about their activities and explore career opportunities.

The event kicked-off with short presentations about the 2nd edition of the Singapore-Netherlands Water Challenge by Vladan Babovic (Director, Singapore-Delft Water Alliance), Gregor van Essen (Director, Holland Water Challenge) and Martin Smouter (Area Director Asia, Van Oord). They called upon students to make an active contribution by proposing their “Adaptive Solutions for Climate Change”.

Companies and organisations represented include Van Oord, Fugro, Deltares, Delta Marine Consultants, Imtech Marine, PWN Technologies, Singapore-Delft Water Alliance, DutchCham/Netherlands Water House, Optiqua Technologies and the Netherlands Embassy.

Pictures from the event at: www.facebook.com/NUSDeltares.