It is ForeignTalent’s objective to support companies to connect with international top universities and young talent. Building on more than 15 years of experience working with universities across the world, our clients benefit from an invaluable network of contacts and local knowledge in many countries.

Our clients are knowledge-intensive organisations -profit and non-for-profit- with a strong international business orientation. They understand that tapping into the knowledge and networks of international centres of excellence and engaging young talent pools provides enormous opportunities to accelerate business growth.

One of our great success stories is the Holland Water Challenge programme, which has grown to become the primary platform for the Dutch water sector to connect with top universities and attract young (engineering) talent. For full details see:


In supporting our clients, we typically perform three different roles:

As Advisor, we consult companies how to best approach international labour markets. Ideally, we start getting involved at a more strategic level to determine future staffing needs (workforce planning), which global talent pools have most potential for the company, how the company wants to be perceived as an employer and how this should be communicated effectively.

As Facilitator, we initiate and organise activities which play to the essence of a successful international labour market strategy: to develop and nurture relationships. Most of the time, the activities we organise are not directly recruitment-oriented but rather develop “a stage” for the company to engage with the desired talent pool(s). A good example is the Holland Water Challenge.

As Recruiter, we formulate and execute a recruitment plan. As explained above, we prefer to do this on the basis of a well laid-out strategy which will make your investment pay-off over several years. However, we have successfully completed “one-off” assignments as well, particularly for specialist positions.