“As part of our global resourcing strategy, ForeignTalent helped us to unlock the potential of China as a key source of engineers for our company. Throughout the campaign, we have been impressed with the quality of the work delivered by ForeignTalent, which really sets them apart from many other agencies. CB&I Lummus gladly recommends ForeignTalent’s services to any company wishing to explore the enormous talent potential that China has to offer.”

F. Seveke, Senior Human Resources Manager, CB&I Lummus, The Netherlands

"ForeignTalent provided us great support when we hired our first foreign employee under the highly skilled migrants policy. Thanks to their expertise and support the whole process went very smoothly. Particularly their dedicated personal attention made our cooperation very successful. I have no hesitations to recommend ForeignTalent's services."

Ronald A. Lever, Managing Director, Hartmann Netherlands

"As a bridge between myself and the employer, ForeignTalent provided a good connection with the employer, which is very important for the applicant. I am very lucky, even in such a worldwide crisis situation, I have the chance to work in Europe. ForeignTalent’s support wasn’t limited to the application as they also provided the support during my visa application and my life in the Netherlands. In all, I would like to say: select Foreigntalent as your job advisor, you won’t regret it!"

Zhong Chuanfang, Instrument & Control System Engineer

"The door to my dream opened through ForeignTalent's recommendation and excellent service. Now I have begun my new life and work in the Netherlands as a Process Engineer. ForeignTalent gave me great support from application, interviews, visa to step on this new land for the first time. Thank you, ForeignTalent. You are a real bridge across the world."

Bi Sheng, Senior Process Engineer

"I had the pleasure to work with Gregor van Essen at ForeignTalent. He has been notably co-operative in his endeavour to mediate between me and the prospective employer. I greatly appreciate his work and commitment to the job that he is doing."

Ashis Manna, Senior Structural Engineer

"ForeignTalent is more than an ordinary talent agency standing fairly between client and applicant. I was very impressed by so many little things they dealt with along my application and experiencing such proactive support. Hope other people can have the same luck to work with ForeignTalent to achieve their career target.

Pang Qungang, Senior Process Control Engineer

"Thank the committee of Holland Water Challenge for providing the opportunity. The whole challenge last for about 6 months, and I really enjoy the process, my partner Jinjing and I worked hard but we are happy. Here, I want to say thanks to Mr. Markus Flick, Mr. Dick Kevelam, Mr. Gregor van Essen, Mr. Tom Feng and other experts from Holland and China. And I hope there are more chances to communicate and cooperate in the future."

Ling Di, Zhejiang University